100WS: 2. but that’s too short

Word count: 105. Already?

The wee man wailed inside his head, ” I’ve got another idea to cram in first”.

Were this important, desperation would have sent up cries from his numskulls of “Adrenaline!”, “Up with the heart rate!”, and all attention would be focused; the paragraphs decimated and reworked; and the wee man satisfied.

But it wasn’t important, so casually five words were removed from one, then ten added to improve the flow of two, then another idea occured for three. The wee man wailed some more,
“NOO, that’s more to fit in”, “what can I leave out?”

100WS: 1. what to write?

[Control+A][Backspace]. Another stab at a 100 word story scratched out. It wasn’t an ambitious target, he knew that!

But why no progress – he did have ideas! The one about Zaphod Beeblebrox’s brother, an intergalatic policy advisor who was struggling without the charisma that propelled Zaphod into the limelight. It lacked a plot. Is he jealous? pretentious?

Next he thought of writing about the toils of a computer program, but how is drama and interest injected? Maybe it was a rogue program. Did it know about man?

What about understanding why 100 words is so hard?