Developing creativity with art

Just taking a brief break from dissertation writing to share something with you, I think I’m allowed as with the help of a friend I’ve just deactivated Facebook until after my exams are finished.

My friend Karen tried doing some painting to enhance her creativity. I tried the same a while back, but unlike her exceptional work, my efforts below are rather feeble:
A painting that I did to develop creativity.
Another painting that I did to develop creativity, of a dragon and a tank.
Click on them for larger versions if you want to laugh harder.

I blame a lack of an ability to visualise for how awful mine are! Once I’ve seen a picture, I can remember it, but I can’t construct an image in my “mind’s eye”. It’s the same when I dream. I’ve only rarely actually have images in my dreams – normally I just sense where I am and what’s going on – and only once do I ever remember any colour.