self-illustrating sentences

Illustration and how it enhances understanding and communication is a passive interest of mine. I found the following:

“Craft more pregnant phrases that tend to stick in the mind of the hearer”


Illustration doesn’t mean a story; it could be a single word as in this case. I thought this a particularly good example of a self-illustrating sentence.

I don’t know if I agree with the sentiment expressed, I’m not sure: Is this writer advocating shock tactics?

Life with disabled children

In this weeks Connected Kingdom podcast by David Murray and Tim Challies, there is an excellent illustration I want to capture. I’ve not really considered what it would be like to have a disabled child, and I don’t have close friends with disabled children, so this podcast was a concise introduction to the subject for me.

The illustration is the following:

If travelling to Italy, and you are diverted to Holland, you can’t enjoy the pleasures of Holland if you spend your time in Holland complaining that you didn’t get to Italy. If you do look around, you start to see the windmills, and the tulips, and the wonders of Holland instead.

The two hosts discuss some of the blessings that come from having a disabled child. The podcast continues with an account by the mother of a disabled child.

There will be some good food for thought if you do listen to it.