Like myself, this website is very much like a piece of clay which I hope is being moulded into something useful for advancing the Kingdom of Christ. I hope I can offer something occasionally that is edifying, or practical, or just simply interesting.

I’m interested in how we can develop the talents we have further.  We’re blessed with magnificent educations that surpass any in history, and our ability to learn and apply is one of our most powerful gifts.  I seek holiness, and to develop anything that will make me more useful.

I’m a Software Engineer by training and by trade – I worked on control and monitoring of electro-mechanical systems for a major electronics company, then I moved onto management and architecture for Delta Electronics working on Power Modules and Battery Chargers.

I’m a keen photographer. It gets me out and enjoying the good weather. I have a flickr account.

I read a lot. I’d like to be reading more books, but I do get through a lot of blogs and online articles too. There might be some reviews on here occasionally.

It’s all a bit of a mix, but then that’s why it’s best to have your own website, because you can get away with it :). Leave some comments (if it’s nice) and get involved.

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