Non-technical management often don’t get what is being built when embedded software is being developed. As a result, what they can see is a cost. One that seems to spiral much larger than they want.

Understandably then, questions begin to be asked (after driving throughout the project for cost to be reduced and pace to be accelerated) about whether it can be reused. If you spend £200k on software, and you can reuse half of it, that’s £100k saved on the next project, right?

Sometimes, yes. But usually only if the next project is specifically specified and designed to share a lot with the first project. This can happen if the team decide to do things the way they did them before.

Management can’t generally expect to switch strategy and pursue an objective that’s opposed to what they’ve been driving at.

See SW as an investment, not a cost.

Spec for reuse

Design for reuse

Test for reuse

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