Pick a book you have some reason to read.
Good reasons are:

  • Healthy curiosity,
  • A trusted recommendation,
  • or the expectation it’ll be fun/mindblowingly-helpful/wildly-interesting/exciting.

Enjoy the journey:

No distractions. Turn off facebook or twitter (unless you plan on posting/tweeting quotes, in which case storm ahead, as it may encourage you to read through and identify what’s actually good).

No starting other books. Only read one book at a time. Otherwise that will constantly distract you – bouncing from one thing to the next, ultimately, gets you nowhere. Imagine you’re a tennis ball on a court, being hit to and fro for hours – you may have travelled miles and yet you’ve gone nowhere. It’s a journey, so travel it.

Know when to finish it:

This usually happens when you hit the last page. This can be with feelings of joy and satisfaction, and is wildly exhilirating.
Finishing can sometimes also happen somewhere during the book, but usually it’s accompanied by more disgruntled feelings. The desire to avoid these feelings can push us on to finishing the book, where we feel relief, but we should often try and avoid this. Often you’ve finished a book in the middle but you don’t realise it. It’s been read a bit, and found to be boring/hard/not worth the effort, and you just don’t pick it back up. Realise this is what it is and get excited about intentionally closing it completely and starting another book.

Share it:

Having filled yourself up on books, let it all flow out, with witty anecdotes, thrilling stories, and golden nuggests of information interspersed through your chat.
Update your profile, if you’re into that. I am, it’s great fun.

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