1. Use similar usernames

2. Turn your face into a signature

  • Use the same profile picture everywhere. You know yourself how quickly you can recognise people on Facebook by the tiny thumbnail next to their comments. Exploit that power.

3. Design scheme

  • At least use the same background color. Check Gareth’s tutorial if you have a logo and want that everywhere.

4. Like #2, have a logo for each project

  • The profile picture identifies you, but you can create logos for every project you hope people might identify. Brains are incredible at remembering images, and what they associate with an image comes to mind – whether that’s a snappy caption or the overall concept (if they’ve read up on it before).

5. Encourage connections across all forms of social media

  • You may have people who subscribe to your RSS feed if you’re a good blogger, or only like your Flickr if you’re a photographer. If you really want people engaging with you, you need to attract them to engage everywhere. Offer contests or unique bonuses (like extra content), but only to those following on a particular stream. Advertise it on the others. I saw one venture capitalist blog that had grasped this idea. He constantly told readers that they would only post to their blog 2-3 times a week, but they tweeted useful links and quotes 2-3 times a day.

I hope you like these, perhaps put one or two into practice now?
Please leave a comment below if you have any to add or to correct :).

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