In the video below, Mark Dever gives some real gems into the local church, and unity, and how they help show the gospel to the world. I learned enough that I listened again, and I learned still more the second time.


  • T4G stands for Together for the Gospel. It’s a big conference in America – I’ve seen a few of the videos so far. John MacArthur, John Piper, Ligon Duncan and R. C. Sproul spoke there this year. Tim Challies made some videos while he attended, which introduced me to T4G.
  • Mark Dever has devoted his study, beyond the particular labours of the ministry, to the study of the church. He is the president of 9Marks Ministries which is a resource that seeks to help build healthy churches.

The church reflects the truth about:

  1. God
  2. human beings
  3. the Saviour, Jesus Christ
  4. the right response to the Gospel

Leave a comment. What stood out?

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